Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Contact Details of Company

Vedavaag Systems Limited
  • 103, West Block, Sirisai Orchid, Madhapur, Hitec City, Hyderabad - 500 0081.       T.S. India
  • +91-70324 95959
  • info[at]vedavaag[dot]com

Contact details of the Registrar & Transfer Agents

M/s Venture Capital & Corporate Investments Private Limited

Details of Compliance Officer/ Details for investor grievance redressal/ Nodal officer for coordination with IEPF Authority:

Key Managerial Personnel authorised for determining materiality of event and making disclosures:

  • 1Managing Director; or
  • 2Chief Financial Officer; or
  • 3Company Secretary
Contact: +91-70324 95959