Abhayam project is a Andhra Pradesh state-based IoT project that has been sanctioned by the Government of India under the Nirbhaya scheme. The application helps passengers travel around the city safely and securely, the vehicles are attached with IoT devices to track its movement and make sure no illicit acts take place.

  • IoT devices with cutting edge technology will be installed in 1 Lakh Auto Rickshaws in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The installation will be monitor using web application.
  • The movement of all the vehicles and driver behaviour will be monitored through GPS installed with the IoT device in the vehicle. The monitoring will be done through a Dashboard from the Command Control Centre.
  • The passengers need to install ABHAYAM mobile application from Appstore/Play Store. Before boarding the vehicle, the passengers has to scan the QR code affixed on the vehicle and the details of the driver along with photo and vehicle will be fetched for the matching and viewing by the passenger.
  • Once boarded, the route will be geo fenced upon selection of route among three possible routes by the passenger and trip details can be shared to the confidents.
  • It is not necessary that the passenger shall have a smart phone. If the passenger is having smart phone, the above process will apply. If the passenger is not having any phone on hand, she can press the panic button in the IoT device fitted in the vehicle.
  • In case passenger get abused or the driver deviates from the selected route, she can press panic button on IoT device/hard press the screen of the mobile phone.
  • Once panic button pressed, the intimation will reach Command Control Centre and will be assigned to nearby Police officials after verification. As an immediate measure the engine of the vehicle will come to halt and hooter will start sounding in local vernacular language for help. The police official can access the location of the vehicle and driver details to get into the action.
Key Features
  • AIS140 complyed devise
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Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS)

Vedvaaag CCMS (Centralized Control and Monitoring System) is a GSM/GPRS based product, designed specifically for Street Lighting Projects to ensure optimal on-field product performance including remote and automated control capabilities. This product is a must have tool for Smart Cities. The use of CCMS is intended to control and monitor various performance parameters of led street lights.

Key Features
  • Switch ON and OFF the lights of a particular switching point and/or networked switching points from Central Control Station
  • Control lights instantaneously or automatically throughout the year on basis of Sunrise and sunset time depending on the geographical location of the switching point.
  • Single Switch point can support up to 300 lighting poles
  • Over voltage protection and anti‐ theft alert.
  • GPRS based remote streetlight monitoring system with self‐protection from short‐circuit
  • Battery backup of 4 hours.
  • Metal/Polycarbonate/SME enclosure with proper lock arrangement.
  • GIS mapping covering all switching points

Integrated Building Management System

Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) is a strategic move of Vedavaag Systems to offer a wider product portfolio that includes

  • Building Management System,
  • Fire Detection Systems,
  • Access Control System,
  • CCTV Surveillance System,
  • Lighting Controls and wireless range of products.

We at Vedavaag provide a single ceiling solution for all the various fixtures that go onto the ceiling or on the wall; like smoke detectors, cameras, lights, speakers, thermostats with occupancy and indoor air quality options, wireless sensors and other sensors for smart buildings and smart cities. Our cost-effective solutions also provide the flexibility to support your facilities as you expand.

Building Management System

Surveillance Systems

Vedavaag’s security products for businesses, retailers and homes include access control systems, electronic identification tags and video surveillance systems to deter theft, protect people and improve business performance.

As one of the leading suppliers of network-based video surveillance systems, Vedavaag has been supplies high valued complete solutions for the CCTV/IP area.

Vedavaag has association with major brands dealing in surveillance systems and it has undertaken major projects for some big Companies including Corporate, Communities etc.

With the most trusted brands in security in one portfolio, we offer the most comprehensive range of premium security solutions in the industry; an unbeatable combination from a single source.

Infra Projects

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