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e-Governance Sector Presence

Over the years the company consolidated its deliveries in e-Governance segment and achieved a respectable and niche position. The company moved early into the IT infrastructure services industry to expand the scale of operations and get into the big league of governance projects. The company has been working with Indian Telecom Industry (ITI), Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) public sector undertaking in some of the e-Governance projects.

VEDAVAAG e-Goveranace Services are divided into following major verticals

Vedavaag has been authorized partner of UTIITSL to apply PAN CARD across India through our network.

Some of Vedavaag's PAN Agency major benefits include:

  • Efficient Servicing Agents
  • Hassle Free Work, aimed at enhancing convenience for customers.
  • Transparent procedures and responsible handling of documents
  • Time-sensitive approach to delivery.
  • Enormous reachability to the remotest corners across all regions.

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VEDAVAAG e-Governance solutions covers
Socio Economic Survey Project – Karnataka
Client: Bharat Electronics Limited - Bangalore

VEDAVAAG received order for SES project from BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited ) and successfully executed.

Socio Economic Caste Census
Client: ITI Limited, ECIL

VEDAVAAG got mandate from public sector firms ECIL and ITI to execute the SECC project in Bihar and UP to cover over 5 Cr Population at an estimated project value of 50 Crs. The project envisages deploying field staff along with enumerators (census staff) to collect the data on tablet PCs. The project scope includes managing charge centers at block level to collect the data from tablet pcs and upload to NIC centers.

Vedavaag has successfully completed the SECC project covering 5 crores population in the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states.

National Population Register (Non Coastal)
Client: ITI Limited, ECIL and BEL

Government of India is starting its census work and as part of the citizens data coverage, apart from the citizens basic information, biometric data such as finger prints and IRIS is being captured for all the citizens. For citizens above 15 years, complete biometrics and for citizens below 15 years basic information is to be captured. Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India has received the mandate for this data collection and DIT announced executing the project through Common Service Centers(CSC). Each CSC is expected to cover about 5000 citizens data and per unit data collection price has been suggested between Rs 15 to Rs 30 per citizen based on the data profile to be captured.

Client: CSC e-Governance, Dena Bank and Allahabad Bank

We are one of the India's largest enrolment agency empanelled with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), permitting pan-India enrolment of Aadhaar Card, the 12-digit individual identification number issued by the Government of India.

We are empanelled with UIDAI under the T3F4 category and assist you in evaluation and biometric enrolment of the Aadhaar Card. In our pursuit of creating the world's largest biometric database, we have emerged as a leader in all the three categories of Aadhaar Card issuance – generation of Aadhaar numbers, uploading of data and number of individuals enrolled through our extensive retail network.

We have enrolled more than 2 crore individuals so far under the Aadhaar Card project and have generated nearly 2 crore Aadhaar Card numbers. These are in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, AP and Chhatisgarh.

National Population Register (Coastal)
Client: ECIL

VEDAVAAG executed with Consortium of Public Sector Undertakings the NPR project in AP that covered over 3.7 Cr population

We are the exclusive implementation agency for UNITE ERP.

UNITE is a comprehensive ERP solution developed by INTELLECT INFORMATICS, with an objective to streamline the operations and establish standardized practices across the rural cooperatives, thus improving their efficiency and revenues. The product has been playing a key transformative role in the cooperative sector, mainly the PACS at the grass root level.

UNITE ERP is the foremost, ultra-modern, Multi user, Cost effective, Co-operative banking software in accordance with the CAS (Common Accounting System) Guidelines of NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) for the PACS (Primary Agriculture Credit Cooperative Banks). UNITE empowers to rapidly maximize the Value of their Customer relationship through a modern, flexible and secure and Low Cost environment.

Health & Hygiene

A healthy life is a dream of each individual. World Health Organization (WHO) declared April 7th as World Health Day. This is celebrated with the goal of creating awareness among each individual.

According to WHO, health is“a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” As per the definition, a person cannot be said to be healthy merely by a disease-free condition. He/ she should be physically as well as mentally healthy. This demands a hygienic condition. Health and hygiene are two correlated terms.

Hygiene can be defined as the practice of certain habits to maintain a good health. It can be at the personal level (personal hygiene) and at the community level (social hygiene).

Our Personal Hygiene products includes

Vanita Sanitary Napkin

Vanita Sanitary Napkin

Vanita sanitary napkin is 80% more absorbent. The napkins are long and supported by anti-leak system to provide maximum protection, while wings prevent any leakage. Vedavaag Vanita features 100% imported pulp, making it softer, safer product for all women to use.

Available in: 280 mm


Vedajal - RO Water Plant

Vedavaag well recognized for supplying of wide range of RO Plants. These plants will remove impurities from river and ground water to make it suitable for drinking. Reverse Osmosis will remove dissolved minerals and contaminants that cause water to smell unpleasant, taste poorly and take on unusual colors. We can customize plants to suit individual requirement of output water that varies from normal drinking applications to food processing, feeding, drinking and more.

Available in: 250Ltrs/Hr, 500Ltrs/Hr