Women SoS Device

ABHAYAM – An IoT+ Cloud based solution for the safety of Women and Child.

ABHAYAM is a technology-driven initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh to provide swift and efficient relief and rescue measures during accidents, emergency and casualty using latest technology such as IoT.

Vedavaag is executing the ABHAYAM project towards supply, installation, and commissioning of 1,00,000 IoT devices in public utility vehicles to ensure safety of people (especially women and children) during their regular commuting. These devices and connected over cloud to the Data Center to enable real time monitoring and rapid response in times of emergency.

The total cost of the project is Rs 92 crores (Rs. 61 Crore towards supply and installation and Rs. 31 crores towards AMC for 5 years). The project implementation is envisaged as a first of its kind under the Nirbhaya Scheme initiated by Government of India.

The Solution

  • Install IoT device with in-built GNSS and GSM/GPRS application in auto rickshaws;
  • Provide a real-time location tracking and data communication solution;
  • Provide an integrated system that connect the IoT devise, the user (mobile app), driver (web app), Transport Department and Police Department for swift and real-time communication;
  • Provide a Web-application for registration of vehicle and managing the IoT dashboard and back-end operations such as registration of driver, vehicle, trip etc.